Fall 2020: Green River (Labyrinth Canyon)

On this, my second, trip to the Green River in Utah, I canoed what is known as Labyrinth Canyon. Why do I always get great weather and cloudless skies?  But I do have a confession: I prefer my earlier trip to the section called Stillwater Canyon.

At the end of the first day, the cliffs were starting to look interesting.On a side hike away from the river I discovered this nifty alcoveIMG_6859This 400 foot high wall is well positioned to catch the morning sunIMG_7003IMG_7046How many arches can you see?IMG_7053Although enclosed by walls, this still seems to be a big placeIMG_7083IMG_7108Two proud battleships head out to seaIMG_7161A view from above the river gives a different perspectiveIMG_7271The gods must be playing chessIMG_7331I came to call these The Four Brothers