Spring 2017: Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon in Arizona that has been very frequently featured in photographs – and with good reason.  Being a tourist trap, it did not fit my standard definition of adventure, but it was a visual adventure.  Fortunately, it was easily photographed (unlike the rest of the trip).

The entrance to Antelope Canyon is beyond the shelter to the left. It’s very ordinary. The magic happens after descending 5 flights of stairs.
At the bottom, everything looks pretty normal. There is a floor, tall but narrows walls, and the law of gravity is in operation. But with the pictures below, you enter a world of shape were only color and form exist. Instead of trying to figure it out, just enjoy it.


See, it’s not so bizarre after all.


See the flying eagle? You’re looking down from above as the eagle flies from right to left.


The exit from Antelope Canyon brings us back to the world of the ordinary. Who would suspect that a wonderland lies below? BTW, note now narrow the crack is.

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