Fall 2016: Monument Valley

I love to get away from it all, leaving civilization and even other hikers behind.  But what should I do when there is a nearby destination that’s easily reachable by car, and the whole world seems to be going there? If that destination is Monument Valley, then I’ll happily go there (but not for long).


Camel Butte.  Maybe I get it.
Camel Butte. Maybe I get it.
In time, these baby cairns will grow up to be big monuments.
In time, these baby cairns will grow up to become big monuments.
The Totem Pole is the star at Sand Springs, but it has help from some supporting actors.
The North Window
The classic view from Photographers Point shows The Mittens and Merrick Butte. If you think you’ve seen this in a movie or in a poster somewhere, you probably have. Without the buttes, all of the empty space around them would be just that. Without the empty space, the buttes could be lost in a crowd.

Next destination: Grand Canyon National Park