Spring 2017: Wandering in the Southwestern Desert

Although the winter of 2016-2017 was one of the wimpiest on record for Minnesota, by the second half of March I had had enough.  So I headed off to the summer-like weather of the desert southwest in California, Arizona and Utah.  Some of the places I visited were:

Hint: You may find the best pictures to be those from Antelope Canyon, Bryce CanyonDeath Valley and Zion.

This trip ended up being less adventurous that I had hoped it would be, with the two major backpacking segments converted to dayhikes due to weather-related issues.  But just getting out into wild areas is an adventure for me.  I will confess that photographing this adventure was generally much harder than I have experienced in other places.  So rather than bore you with a large number of ordinary pictures, I published a smaller number of good-but-not-great pictures.  My plans for summer and fall anticipate more frame-worthy pictures.