Annapurna Region: My 10 Favorites

There is no way this page can really be a list of my favorites.  It’s just an attempt at being that.  If you ask me tomorrow, I’ll probably give you a different list of favorites.

I was minding my own business, just walking down the road when I turned a corner and beheld this scene, with Annapurna III being the main focus. It stopped me dead in my tracks.
How many ways are there to combine a rushing glacial river with distant, snowy mountains and nearby tree-lined slopes? Beats me, but this seems to increase the total.
There must be a yeti nearby.
There must be a yeti nearby.
This is not a common scene in the Annapurna region. The mountains are common enough, but the quiet pastureland is hard to find. In this scene, they make a striking combination.


The trek to Thorung Phedi requires a trip up a yet another river valley.
The trek to Thorung Phedi requires a trip up a yet another river valley.
Very long strings of prayer flags, firmly anchored in the mountains, flutter furiously in the powerful winds. Nepal never seems to run out of mountains. Here, the mostly barren mountains contrast with the snow-covered Annapurna giants in the far right.
Thorung Pass sits on a saddle between two mountains. This view shows Yakawa Kang, to the north. I thought it was magnificent.
Tilicho Tal is probably not “the highest lake for its size in the world,” but it’s impressive nonetheless. What better way to show off the blue-green color than with grayscale surroundings? Believe it or not, but a small group of trekkers went swimming in it!