June and September, 2015: ND, AZ and CA

In 2015, I did not make a single, grand trip.  But I was able to make a number of shorter trips.  While this made the trips less adventurous, each trip was perhaps a mini-adventure.  They included:

  • Maah Daah Hey Trail (miles 50-97) in North Dakota
  • Arizona: Sedona area, Flagstaff area, Grand Canyon (Bright Angel Trail), Arizona Trail (passages 34-35)
  • Yosemite National Park

I have not created a full-blown section in this Web site for these trips like I did for Fall 2016, I am including some of my favorite photos of the trips along with limited commentary.  Perhaps some day I’ll take the time to expand and document it.

OK, that’s panoramic.
There is a lot of wide open space along the Maah Daah Hey Trail and in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
Here begins my large collection of China Wall photos. It was fun to see for the first time. Each bend in the trail brought new views.


An end view of the knife’s edge
An end view of the knife’s edge


The North Overlook of Wilson Mountain
Unknown hiker at the South Overlook of Wilson Mountain.  Sedona is in the distance.


Heading up to Humphreys Peak
Heading up to Humphreys Peak


Looking out from Humphreys Peak, the highest elevation in Arizona.
Looking out from Humphreys Peak, the highest elevation in Arizona.



While I was in the Flagstaff area, I made a quick unplanned trip to the Grand Canyon.  I wanted to scout the area, particularly the top half of the Bright Angel Trail, which goes down to the Colorado River, for a possible Rim-To-Rim hike.  That hike materialized in the fall of 2016.





Is that Polly Dome?  If not, what else could it be?

See the white dot just below the sumit? It’s a climber!  There’s another climber you can’t see here.


Half Dome with hikers on the cables and the summit and Sentinel Dome beyond it.  Nice view of the near vertical face and the shelf below.
The view from Glacier Point feels like it’s wider than 360º
Oh wow!  Oh wow!  Oh wow!  Clouds Rest and Half Dome.
Cloud’s Rest (the little bump at top center) and Half Dome (seen from the rear, the double hump on the right) as seen from Olmsted Point
Tunnel View is magnificent even when the waterfalls are dry.  I’d like to return some spring when they’re flowing at high volume.

Preceding trip: July-August, 2014