Spring 2018 in Nepal: Home & Field

The people in the Dailekh district live immediately adjacent to their fields.  These photos showa little of how they live and work.

These bundles contain something akin to a peanut
These bundles contain something akin to a peanut
Almost all houses had multi-million dollar views. This was one of the better views. In the foreground, wheat awaits final processing.
A woman drives her cattle uphill while another woman carries a heavy bag up the same hill as if it’s no big deal
A middle aged woman in a tree gathers leaves to feed her animals. Yes, she really is about 10 feet off the ground. I have no doubt that she climbed up there herself.
Women make bowls from leaves
Women make bowls from leaves
Note the child on the left hiding from the camera. This was rather unusual since most Nepalis are happy to let you take their picture. P.S. Can you find all five people?
It seems impossible that they would build houses so high up on the steep slopes of this mountain. There were many more houses that you can’t see here. We would go there on the following day!
Pounding rice. But these children were distracted by the strange sight of foreigners.
House, animals and fields are all joined. Note the stacks of wood, the goats, stone roofs, sheaves wheat drying and the small solar panel.
Threshing. The boy keeps his oxen on a circular path treading out the grain while the woman independently threshes the grain by hand. The Bible says, “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain.”
I didn’t know domestic goats could climb trees like this (and hillsides as well)