Spring 2022: Death Valley National Park

This was my umpteenth trip to Death Valley, and I’ve seen a large part of the park.  But it’s such a large and interesting park that I had to go back for more.

Boulders this size are rarely seen in washes. I assume it fell from above some time ago. BTW, Mosaic Canyon is an interesting place to visit.
Gulp.  I think I'll do it.
Gulp. I think I’ll do it.
This is a nice view of Panamint Butte and the dry lake below it. Its striations are amazing. And, no, they’re not moving.
This primitive circle was made by a bizarre and rarely seen cult that worships the spirits of man-made objects they find in the desert. Although they go by many names, Springers is most common since they often use a spring as their object of devotion.  Wikipedia has a fascinating page on the group.
Several places in Death Valley are subject to dust devils. I find the one in the center to be particularly interesting.
I bet that brown is not your favorite color.  But Death Valley has an endless number of ways to make it interesting.  Some day, I’ll tell you a story about how it happened.
I dub this Black Valley. Few people have ever seen it. Few people hike where I am, it can’t be seen from the road at the base of the Inyo Mountains in background, and who would want to walk miles toward seemingly nothing?
After the beginning, when God was painting Death Valley, the devil stole all of the Lord’s paints except for brown.  Unperturbed, the Great Creator continued His painting in order to show what a magnificent job He could do with just a single color.  As all created beings stood in awe, Satan was nonplussed, returned the Master’s paints and hid himself until an opportune time should arise.