Spring 2018: Nepal

On this trip, I went with a group to the Dailekh district of Nepal.  Unlike my standard trips, the goal of this trip was not scenery but cultural.  We went to visit with the people who live far away from the population centers and trekking zones.  Yes, we were backpacking, but our goal was to talk to the people who live there, people who never see foreigners and certainly none who visit them in their homes.  It was an amazing expierience.  I say it was like living inside a National Geographic magazine.

As befits a nonstandard trip, the pages below are arranged topically instead of geographically:

  • People: This is the key.  The trip was about people, not scenery.
  • Home & Field: How the Nepali people live
  • Landscape: The countryside.  Unfortunately (I suppose), we went when the wheat harvest was essentially finished and the corn planting was still in the future.  So much of the countryside was brown.  A few months later, the wet season would turn the ground green.

I also visited the Annapurna region of Nepal in the fall.