Annapurna Region: Annapurna Base Camp

The Anapurna Base Camp (or ABC) trek goes into the heart of the Annapurna mountain range.  While it has some fine scenery, it felt anticlimactic after the Annapurna Circuit trek.

A crowd of 100 people gets up before dawn to see the glorious spectacle of sunrise on Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna Range from Poon Hill.
Sunrise from Poon Hill
Sunrise from Poon Hill
This was one of my favorite waterfalls of the trip. It had multiple segments, and the long section in the middle, with the water shooting out from the wall, was a sight to behold. (Video for sale.)
I would spend days walking through forest that looked something like this. Sure it’s nice, but I would have appreciated more variety. Oh, and the uphill and downhill sections were steep and endless. It was hard trekking that was nowhere near as rewarding as the AC. Surprise! But it’s still an interesting shot.
Trekkers head toward their ultimate goal, Annapurna Base Camp, while Annapurna South, over two vertical miles above them, seems angry and ready to hurl misery on them.
This may not look like much, but I thought it was interesting and puzzling. It is a glimpse into the land beyond Annapurna Base Camp. I don’t think most trekkers get this far. I also suspect that climbers don’t use this area any more. So what good is it? What is it? It seems to be a glacier with no ice. Or a glacier with all of the ice well below the top layer. Note the classic U shape and the sand color (not ice) on all sides. Sorry for the mystery and the fuzzy photo, but I don’t have anything better.
Dances With Clouds. This lush valley of the Modi Khola is surprisingly near to the barrenness of the ABC area. It sits at a rather high elevation, not a low one.