Fall 2016: Canyonlands: Island in the Sky

The Island In The Sky district offers sweeping vistas of the rivers.  Grand View Point is aptly named.  With an overabundance of red rock, I imagine Mars might have looked something like this when it had water.

Grand views are wonderful, but I also explored the lower territory on my dayhikes.

The Shafer Trail is primarily for 4WDs and bikes. There are plenty of 4WD roads in IITS including the difficult White Rim Road. The other distracts have some too.
Bonus points go to anyone who can figure out what you’re looking at.  Hint: It was shot at Grand View Point.
The Green River almost gets lost at the Green River Overlook.  I was canoeing down there 15 days ago.  The white areas are part of the White Rim, and the road is the White Rim Road.  If you have a 4WD vehicle, you can drive its 100 miles in two days.
A trail begins at Grand View Point. Quite a few people walk the first few hundred yards, but few go much farther. This is one of many sights they miss.
Mesa Arch is one of the most famous arches in the world. It’s famous because of the view through the arch at sunrise. As the sun reveals, I arrived too late.
The Mesa Arch makes this a special view, but even without it, the eerie landscape beyond the arch is impressive.
This alcove is an early sight along the Alcove Spring Trail
My kingdom for a 360 degree camera at this point on the trail. This partial view hardly does it justice.
A distant view of Moses and Zeus. Moses is the tallest spire, but which is Zeus?
Can you see Moses holding up the tablet(s) of the law?
Looking down from the trail that leads to Moses.  It’s easy to imagine a wagon train travelling through the valley.
A midlevel view from the Lathrop Trail. The white spots on the right are refracted light from raindrops (I surmise).

I’m cheating.  Or perhaps I’m giving you something for free. The following pictures from the nearby Dead Horse Point State Park have been included because the views are similar to IITS’s.  If you ever visit the Moab UT area, be sure to go there.  It’s an easy drive.  Be sure to go all the way to the end of the road.  You’ll be glad you did.  (You don’t even have to go hiking if you don’t want.  But they do have a nice, little trail system which reveals additional scenery, including two of the photos below.)

Totals for Island in the Sky: 3 days, 47 miles

Next destination: Monument Valley