Spring 2022: Mecca Hills Wilderness

This relatively small place is a rather strange beast.  It is a designated wilderness with cities not far away.  Be that as it may, it was it was a fun stop between two much larger areas.

This looks impossible, but it’s not. However, it includes some very narrow places. Since I would be away from satellite coverage, it made me slightly nervous. It was not easy and not without risk.
In the middle of seemingly barren desert is a lush grove of palm trees. This always seems strange even so I’ve seen plenty of them throughout southern California.
In many places there seems to be an endless alternation between high and low areas. Here I am descending the trail to the wash below, where I will reverse course and head up the hidden canyon. There’s more than one way to visit a place.
I found this desert tortoise in an interesting situation. It was sheltered from the heat inside this 4-foot mini-cave but outside what seems to its home. I considered myself fortuate to see this one because it is a “Critically Endangered” species.