Places I Have Been Since Turning 60

If you are more interested in a particular place than a specific adventure, the following links will assist you.  Just remember that a link may take you to a page that is about more than a single place; this should get better if I expand and subdivide the 2013-2015 trips.  (There are also some minor places that are not included below.)


For those who like to emphasize official national parks, here are the ones I have visited:

  1. Arches
  2. Badlands
  3. Big Bend: Multiple visits – See above
  4. Bryce Canyon
  5. Canyonlands
  6. Capitol Reef
  7. Carlsbad Caverns
  8. Craters of the Moon (actually a National Monument)
  9. Death Valley: Multiple visits – See above
  10. Dinosaur (actually a National Monument)
  11. Flaming Gorge (actually a National Recreation Area)
  12. Glacier: Multiple visits – See above
  13. Grand Canyon: Multiple visits – See above
  14. Grand Canyon Parashant (actually a National Monument)
  15. Grand Staircase – Escalante (actually a National Monument)
  16. Grand Teton: Multiple visits – See above
  17. Kings Canyon
  18. Joshua Tree
  19. Mojave (actually a National Preserve)
  20. Mount Rainier
  21. Organ Mountain – Desert Peaks  (actually a National Monument)
  22. Organ Pipe Cactus (actually a National Monument)
  23. Petrified Forest National Park
  24. Point Reyes (actually a National Seashore)
  25. Rio Grande del Norte (actually a National Monument)
  26. Sequoia
  27. Saguaro
  28. Sonoran Desert (actually a National Monument)
  29. White Sands
  30. Yellowstone: Multiple visits – See above
  31. Yosemite: Multiple visits – See above
  32. Zion: Multiple visits – See above

My Favorite Places

(In alphabetical order)