Spring 2018 in Nepal: People

The Nepali people possessed an uncommon sense of contentment, happiness and openness.  As their country inevitably opens up and adapts western ways, I hope these native characteristics can remain.  As Sir Edmund Hillary fell in love with the Sherpa people, so I thoroughly enjoyed my visits with these Nepalai people.  Here are some of them.

Team members set up their tents. We were always surrounded by locals, especially here. To them, we were like martians. The sky is white because of the dust in the air.
Privileged school kids. The youngest wear regular clothing and a backpack. The older wear a uniform. The oldest add a tie. All are curious about the strangers.
The children enjoyed Kyle's binoculars
The children enjoyed Kyle’s binoculars
Kyle talks to the children.  But how?  Surely few know any English.
Kyle talks to the children. But how? Surely few know any English.
What a cutie?
What a cutie?
The sad woman sits in the middle. She lost her husband a couple years ago to diarrhea and vomitting. But she didn’t want the gospel. Perhaps manyana. Am I really that big?


Kids watch the "Martians"
Kids watch the “Martians”
I found it interesting that boys and men in Nepal dress much like westerners while the girls and women dress more traditionally.
Many locals wore shirts or sweaters bearing English descriptions of American phenomena. Few know any English.
This man happens to be the father of one of our translators! Be sure you notice the baby in the basket.
The old lady was especially pleasant
The old lady was especially pleasant